practise painting

Hi this is my practise painting portrait of one guy. I didn't know him but just surfed on the internet and I saw his shade of shadow was great so I saved his pic and tried to painted. I'm not good much cuz this is kinda my first time to did this but I will keep try more so ..this is it ;)

I spent time about this art work for ummmm 3 days I guess but kinda 2-3 hours/day. I tried to painted without created layer just drew and painted in one step. The hardest thing was how to blent color to made it smooth and looked realistic so I think I have to learn more about this. Ok now this is my art work I called him "Luke" ( I just felt he deserved of this name XD)


  1. หน้าตากระเดียดไปทางเก้งสาววว อยู่นะ

  2. haha someone said he's look like Avatar lol