Relaxing Saturday

Just got my new toy for the last few weeks Canon 60D I have to know about it better because I used Nikon for a long time (my sister's camera) Finally I've got my own camera and never regret to bought this tool.

Today after I do some chores I'm going out to take pictures around my place mostly are plants.It feels so good when I have more time escape from computer and stresses news on social network and having a good time , clear mind and get more inspirations. I always believe before I buy a new camera that "After I got it I will travel more, I will searching more things to look at and will see different side of things more than ever" I think I made the right decision and I feel so free and it makes me realize to Steve Jobs speech on 2005 Stanford Commencement it's so powerful inspiration with life to me and the others too.

"You got to find what you love if you haven't found it yet keep looking..don't settle" Steve Jobs


  1. I think you will find what do you love,and me too.
    nice color.Which program do adjust the image?

  2. Thank you Dragondoy :)
    I used 2 programs ; Photoshop and PhotoScape