Primary color

I've found an interesting website about photography ( A bit addict with new stuff haha) and it has many tutorials also some comments, tips and tricks from a professional photographer around the world, many sources about photography , assignment every weeks ...,etc
All I want to say is " This site is awesaamm !!!" XD

john cena
(click on the images to the website)

Just joined the challenge of the week and The topic is "Primary Colors" . If you guys want to join this please hurry up the topic create week by week and I think it will be close on this Sunday with primary colors.

here is "Suicide"

I made it for fun at the office and water colors always in my bag too so wola! it became this. I shot this by my favorite compact camera Canon S95. It kind of part of my life now I took it everywhere so light, easy to carry in a pocket and nice quality as well.

Have fun with challenge guys and I want to thank you for a model lego to Dragonboy ; my senior animator :) for burst this out !

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  1. I really like your idea.I think u will win that challage