Ugly Poppy

Ugly Poppy was inspired by one photographer on 500px. He took a really nice poppy flower and it was blow my mind at the moment (unfortunately I can't find his photo now TT) . The name was from a movie Ugly Betty because of the character hehe.

Technique : water color and pencil color( for details and texture)

500px was a great inspiration source for me. All the great shots around the world will create a million concepts in your mind and blow your imagination to a nice piece. You can learn the light, color, and concept from their works as well too.

And I've found another inspiration for drawing on viemo too named "Keep Drawing" and it made me realized that I must practise and sketch more and more ! So enjoy and have a nice day ciao~ :)


  1. your technique is good.ugly but beautiful.
    I think she look like "pa bok"when she was young.

  2. hahaha Thank you Dragonboy and "Pa Bok" I think she's cute on her way hehe