Chill Out

Last few months I had a chanced to chilled out with friends almost once/week (pretty much for me mostly just once/month!) And I always carried my sketch book and portable water color with me everywhere. So I tried to practiced manual art as I promised with myself. Sketch everything that I feeling with.If my mind said ok then my hand will go so flow ;following with emotional and inspiration and I can't stop moving my hand until the art work is complete. Let's check them out :)

This is a flower shop at Paragon. There's a sign banning photography but sketching are ok right? hehe. Sketch while waiting my friends.

One bar and restaurant at Khao Saan Road ; one of the most famous place in Bangkok,Thailand. Mostly tourist ; especially backpackers are come here. It offers cheap accommodation It's one of a great place in Bangkok for chilling out and make a new friend.

Hope to shetching more often in everywhere I go ,sometimes it feels better than just a photograph.


  1. Hey I love these drawings. Very interesting idea lol Ian

  2. Thank you Ian I hope to do something like this more ;)