Hey ho!
    Having more free time a little and have an opportunity to go many places these days. Relaxing is a simple way to get a great idea. It will pop up when your brain didn't think anything or when you were absent-minded. For instance,when I'm taking a bath I always thinking some topic , project or something all the time but not too much just try to think a little and try to get some ideas consciously. It will help you to force your mind generate thoughts regarding the problem or you want to get idea on.
   Sometimes it's hard to get an idea but there's something could help you that's " inspiration" . It's a free source that you can find in everywhere around you. When we see things our brain will automatically detect them the type of recognition. This will help your mind generate for the great and best idea of your work . 
   If you strain and try to force the ideas out they won’t come.  Let them flow by relaxing mind. Go get a nap under the tree, walk in a park, go to the Mall or anything that make you feel comfortable and relax and you will notice that when your brain have something pop up. BLINK! and don't forget to write it down on some paper, record a sound by your phone or scratch on your ipad haha .Just as soon as you can before it goes away.
   All of those came from my new art work .I had an inspiration from a tree on side of the road while went to met my friend. I loved the pattern of their branches also the shape of them. Suddenly my brain pop up with some idea and got some picture in it. after arrived and met my friend I sketched it to my sketch book as soon as I can.

 Those branches made me imagination to the forest with a deer sit on the stump. lol (Don't ask me why my brain just told me that)

  Ok now finished with the draft
    Sometimes we need some details of some subjects or things that we can't figure it out. I always find those from GG ( Number one search engine :P) 

Now it's easy and save the time for me phew!~ 

Added some details and set direction of the light to make shade ans shadow 

Complete with sketch process !
here it is! my Derina

 “Ideas come from space. This may seem astonishing and impossible to believe, but it’s true. Ideas come from out of space.” - Thomas Edison

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  1. Wooow, I love it. Beautiful work.
    I find your work on Illustration friday.