4 Steps of my work flow

    Last couple months ago I've got a chance to show my art in "Thai Illustrate exhibition". It was a really nice experience. I met many illustrators and we all shared our inspirations to each other also information and  techniques. The exhibition allowed us to presented one piece of art work which describe some workflow of it such as inspiration, concept, and working processes. So I chose Ducalia for the show. Last time I talked about my inspiration book but didn't show you yet I bring it today!

     It's just a normal note book and put some pictures that I like also logos, postcards, bus tickets,...etc from any media like magazines, news paper or print from the internet. It helps me when I'm stuck with something. Those pieces can make a million stories ... A thousand could be appropriate haha. I always took it with me all the time. In my perspective, I think texture of the paper make me "feel" more than digital file.YES I'm talking about tablet ( I use that too but not in my idea process). I feel I can connect with it better.

    These are my workflow short steps. No.1 was in my inspiration book too except a duck.
   The idea of this art work inspired by the concept of fashion that combine things together that I was talked in Ducalia entry.
   Pick up more than two normal things together and choose each part of them for example texture, color, form, pattern or direction and mix them with your imagination.Yes It was just like that! Now you can make a hundred , thousand or even a million as much as you can from this idea. I hope you got some pictures but if not I've got something for you.

 Image source via : http://fashematics.com

     If you still confuse about this go check this site out and you will completely understand and get some inspirations from there for sure.Hope you guys enjoy and see you soon . Ciao~ 

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