Finally! I'm So Proud To Present

      Here are books for children that I proud to present to you guys. I have worked with Miss Kuerkamol Niyom ; Editor of Saanaksorn Publishing as an Illustrator for these books. She's a talented young woman, kind and resourceful person. She knows What kids want!. All I want to say is Thank you for everything for the support , educate and encourage me...Thank you. By this editor we have no doubt about the quality of the story in the books. They're really helpful for the children to learn all things around them though the natures and environment.
      In these series were about "Season" ; Rainy, Summer and Winter. Summer and Winter are my responsibilities.I will start with the Summer.
{Characters style and color.}
{Sketch Ideas for the scenes.}
For me I think references are the key. I find lot of locations, animals behavior, fruits, colors..,etc everything that will help me with the workflow and keep them by categories, it helps me a lot.
Ps. My reference about the color check this site out >> Design seed

{Here're some part of my work.}

And for the Winter ; different style from Summer. The main character is cat and the editor suggested me to used more pencil skill for this book.
{Character design & color style.}
{Draft sketch for the scenes and position.}

We have worked so hard to find the right style for this book and finally...

{some parts from the book.}

   I hope you guys like it and now they are already published so you can find them at the book store near by. Thank you again for Saanaksorn Publishing, Miss Kuerkamol Niyom ; my lovely editor , My Mom, Dad ,Aunt and sisters; P'Pum, P'Fon for the support. 
    Also my lovely friends especially;  Ian, Pi, Mew,Kwan ,P'Brown, X, B, Champ without you guys it won't be done! THANK YOU 

On this Wednesday, October16, 2013 There's an International book fair 18th,
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
At booth R04 zoneC 2rd floor



  1. เยินยอเกินปายยยย เรียกชื่อสะเต็มยศอีกตะหาก คนอื่นคงคิดภาพว่าเปนป้าาาา ซึ่งก็จิง -_-"
    ps. Summer is selling fast!!!

  2. Great job Pod, hope to see more soon. Ian