Tim : The Squirrel Diary

"From now on we are free to run on a wire.. 
Congratulation to all ! 
And remember...don't get electric shock!" 
A remarkable speech from the best squirrel of the wood.

This is our first task after graduated from the wood...Oh by the way now I'm an internship
 at the Rockey Post office 
(The biggest company in my wood) 
as a messenger...

 After my first task yesterday,its going to be "nuts" today ,(yeah real nuts! hello?!) The worst thing in my life ever! And you know what now my cheeks still numb...it's not easy to be squirrel ..(sigh)

Finally,this is what I'm looking for!!! My favorite task! My father always told me that I have to believe in myself when nobody els will, and this time... I'm a squirrel and I believe that I can....FLY~YeeeeHaaa!!

Making a "Business" with a classy Doberman in this early morning.The first sign that things weren't going to go well happened when I jumped across the roof few days ago. I saw some cats, that's why I came here. (Ps.Those light was a flashlight...he said he's got a style...ok sign up!)

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