When I grow up..

This is my new style of character. I just tried to drawn and painted in a new way in a concept of "When I grow up". It's really normal in a child that want to be a man or woman. They always do or copy their parents activities , routines even behaviors. Those reasons become these two characters.I didn't give their name yet. So as you see I think I don't have to explain all of details about the concept you'll understand in my art work.


Concept Character

Here is another character that I just design when I training at The Monk Studio ( just design it as my hobby didn't use in work.) I gave "Tommy" as his name.I don't know why I call him like that. I guess the reason from his character.Tommy was a cute boy and innocent, as everyone can see him outside but in the deep of his mind he has many secrets and always keep it with his own( Especialy negative feeling) He doesn't want other people unhappy he just wanna see everybody be happy when close to him. He is a nice boy! Isn't it?


My table at The Monk Studio

this is my table at the office that I'm practising for a job now... at The monk studio If u want more details click here
**click on the picture for large size**

proof paper

Hi everyone!! This is my first time to write on my brand new blog. Today I’d like to start with my artwork done on ‘proof paper’. It’s not that interesting I guess, but I just want to share it with everyone. This takes me back to my high school days (3 years ago). Proof paper was a well known kind of paper used for test sketches. All schools in Thailand use this paper, I think because it's cheap and recyclable maybe...One day I saw that my teacher was going to throw out a big pile of the proof paper!! I asked her for to give some of them to me. She said ‘okay’ because she didn't want them anymore...The first time that I put color on them, it amazed me. I still use them for my art work and sketches sometimes... Take a look!! (Thank you Josh for corrections )

I drew them last year (in University already) I used only black and red pen...the reason was I forgot all of my pencil bag at home...I found only those pens in my rucksack .....