Merry X'Mas!

Nothing much to say only just

"Merry Christmas and enjoy your holiday!


Back on time

Great weather today ; blue clear sky and sunny this made my day. I went to the library for update some trend and fine the quiet place to clear my job. I took water color kit with me today after a break I decided to chilled a bit with the color and when I did , it makes me realised that's not easy at all to control the water. Maybe I picked the wrong brush and the paper too. Not flow at all today but yeah I did it all my best. Hope you like it.

I'm a fan!!

Rise of the Guardians was the best film of mine this year. It was so inspired and I felt like the inner child have been awakened! That's rad !! So here I'm kind of a fan of Jack Frost my quick sketch of him.


Yay!!! It's Monday.

Really love this day, the beginning day of the week. Have a great day pals (:


Brush test doodle

Just trying some new brushes that I just made.



Sabaidee! - Greeting from Laos.
   Just came back from Laos trip with family for a week. I loved the feeling after a long trip it makes me feel like "reborn" you know what I mean right? Life battery is full with ton of energy! feel ALIVE!
  I planed to sketch along the trip as well too and I will show you later.

    I have to clear some stuffs this week by the way before the trip I sent some of my art to "Why ride?" Poster competition campaign. The concept  was about to show why we should prefer bike than car.

Details of the campaign 
    There are 5 topics ; Reduce energy consumption, Healthy body and mind, Having more time, Not increase pollution and Meet new friends. I choose the third topic which is " Having more time"

 Unfortunately my art didn't pass through the next 
round but I feel really great that I have made this art :) 


We will be together

(water colors and pencil colors on A3)
    Last couple months ago, I've found A child and a dog contest International Art 14th in Poland. I read the qualifications carefully and found that my age is available for this competition (max to 24 years old). The concept is a relationship between a child and a dog. The original one already in Poland and today I just got the result .....nah no my name on the chart lol but I'm so proud with this piece.
    Thank you for the contest it's encourage me to do something and it's something that I love.

"If you believe in your abilities,
trust your instincts and give your best shot.
Success will automatically follow you."


Doodle dhoom dhoom

Gestures practice thanks for Dhoom Again. Man! look at his move!! 

This was from my favourite dance cover on Youtube ; Black Queen cover "Be my baby"


I Saw Death People / Final

Thank you  Professor Green - Read All About It ft. Emeli Sande for the inspiration.


4 Steps of my work flow

    Last couple months ago I've got a chance to show my art in "Thai Illustrate exhibition". It was a really nice experience. I met many illustrators and we all shared our inspirations to each other also information and  techniques. The exhibition allowed us to presented one piece of art work which describe some workflow of it such as inspiration, concept, and working processes. So I chose Ducalia for the show. Last time I talked about my inspiration book but didn't show you yet I bring it today!

     It's just a normal note book and put some pictures that I like also logos, postcards, bus tickets,...etc from any media like magazines, news paper or print from the internet. It helps me when I'm stuck with something. Those pieces can make a million stories ... A thousand could be appropriate haha. I always took it with me all the time. In my perspective, I think texture of the paper make me "feel" more than digital file.YES I'm talking about tablet ( I use that too but not in my idea process). I feel I can connect with it better.

    These are my workflow short steps. No.1 was in my inspiration book too except a duck.
   The idea of this art work inspired by the concept of fashion that combine things together that I was talked in Ducalia entry.
   Pick up more than two normal things together and choose each part of them for example texture, color, form, pattern or direction and mix them with your imagination.Yes It was just like that! Now you can make a hundred , thousand or even a million as much as you can from this idea. I hope you got some pictures but if not I've got something for you.

 Image source via : http://fashematics.com

     If you still confuse about this go check this site out and you will completely understand and get some inspirations from there for sure.Hope you guys enjoy and see you soon . Ciao~ 


I see something unusual..

sketch idea

"I saw death people.."
Sketch process I hope I will have more time for color soon.
vvv::: This song below really helping me :::vvv



    I made this to my friend for his birthday. Only a file that I've got the original one belonged to him already. My first watercolor portrait in cartoony character.

Sketch Doodle

Some doodle characters sketch in my free time : Pencil colors, black ball pen and some great songs in somewhere crowd.


I Love Flood


  It was inspired by flood in Bangkok haha Oh I didn't update some stuff here for ages! When I've got my own Facebook Page  I'm kinda focus on that but here was the first place of mine so from now on I will visit here first! but you guys can visit my facebook page too I put some interesting stuff on that. So see you around ( often ,I promise :P)

      Some sketch processes of my work 


Some of my animation reel

anim reel from Frodola Alodorf on Vimeo.


Gimme More

    Hey sorry for didn't been here for awhile just keep busy with an exhibition and other stuff just got a few time to breath! Kinda fine day for me today I've got an inspiration from "Big Clearance" in Bangkok. There's so crowd and people picked the items like zombies lol you know what's it like? It makes me realized that sometime we don't need anything but the commercial and marketing especially discount price label can make us crazy.We shopped without thinking the only thought was " That's so cheap can't find anything like that!" or "It's not happen often" ....We will know ourselves again after we spent so much money with some useless items. That'a became my new art work :)


Sophia ; I'm the second Nikki Minaj!!

    Hi everyone! today I would like to present my new art work. It was inspired by the most alert girl that I ever see! haha. Surfing the internet at night and it brought me to The Ellen Show on Youtube . OMG! I can't believe with her act !! I wish I have some passion just haft of her it would be grateful in my life and career. She inspired me about her passion about what she love, head on and do it the best, feeling free and be yourself. Look at her ,Full fill with energy, hope, dream and happiness.
   Then I decided to picked her to my new art work.And yeah I named it after her name :)

Sophia Grace

Added some details and more shade to make a shadow
Sometimes we can't imagine the correct direction of the shadow in this case I need some help from GG

DONE! with Sketch process I'm happy with it and now time to color

"I'm the second Nikki Minaj!!!!" haha I love this

Hope you guys like it and see you soon ;)
And Don't forget




Hey ho!
    Having more free time a little and have an opportunity to go many places these days. Relaxing is a simple way to get a great idea. It will pop up when your brain didn't think anything or when you were absent-minded. For instance,when I'm taking a bath I always thinking some topic , project or something all the time but not too much just try to think a little and try to get some ideas consciously. It will help you to force your mind generate thoughts regarding the problem or you want to get idea on.
   Sometimes it's hard to get an idea but there's something could help you that's " inspiration" . It's a free source that you can find in everywhere around you. When we see things our brain will automatically detect them the type of recognition. This will help your mind generate for the great and best idea of your work . 
   If you strain and try to force the ideas out they won’t come.  Let them flow by relaxing mind. Go get a nap under the tree, walk in a park, go to the Mall or anything that make you feel comfortable and relax and you will notice that when your brain have something pop up. BLINK! and don't forget to write it down on some paper, record a sound by your phone or scratch on your ipad haha .Just as soon as you can before it goes away.
   All of those came from my new art work .I had an inspiration from a tree on side of the road while went to met my friend. I loved the pattern of their branches also the shape of them. Suddenly my brain pop up with some idea and got some picture in it. after arrived and met my friend I sketched it to my sketch book as soon as I can.

 Those branches made me imagination to the forest with a deer sit on the stump. lol (Don't ask me why my brain just told me that)

  Ok now finished with the draft
    Sometimes we need some details of some subjects or things that we can't figure it out. I always find those from GG ( Number one search engine :P) 

Now it's easy and save the time for me phew!~ 

Added some details and set direction of the light to make shade ans shadow 

Complete with sketch process !
here it is! my Derina

 “Ideas come from space. This may seem astonishing and impossible to believe, but it’s true. Ideas come from out of space.” - Thomas Edison



"What's your name?" 


    I love his accent and his eyes so much oh sorry it's just my inspiration of my new art work. I named "Robbie" by this performance on the Britain's Got Talent 2011 show.
I love this show so much it makes me cry just some talented singers. Robbie,he's one of my favorite with his cute act and his performance I'm sure you will fall in love with this kid :)
    An inspiration is like a smoke it could blow away so fast. I picked up any thing close to me that can use for sketch and yeah got one brown pencil color under my keyboard haha What a mess!!!

    Then I added some shade and shadow to make it better. I always set the way of the light first so it could help for the right shadow.

Added a little details and push more shadow to make it looks more dimension.

I decided to color it to make it's done on PS


Here you are!


Going On : Complete


Going on : Processes

Finally it's done! 

    Here's my man line sketch  that I've been working on for few days.I started surfing on the internet for male model reference you can find on any website that you like, blog, tumblr,...etc or some portrait from your favorite photography. It's great because you can get a perfect light from them also Models have a perfect anatomy and clear line pose. Maybe you can get some inspiration from them as well too.

    I started draft with a pencil first and make a sharp line with black pigment pen 0.05 mm ; I totally love this pen !it gave me a nice fine line ,soft and flow. It's easy to control the shape on the line.

   Hair ; my favorite part of drawing portrait .I can spend for the whole day for it! hehe I love flowing lines and details when I did it I felt like the time had stopped. Really love that feeling :) Also added some BG and flowers a little bit and added little tiny straight line to make textures.

   After finished this I think it's not enough I should add something more.Then I decided to added some text on it below.

 45 minutes 


Hope you guys like it but it's still not enough for me.I told to myself again
I planed to make it looks a bit graphic this time so I put it on Photoshop ..

To Be Continue 

Man huh!

    Ahhh long time haven't been here. There's many stuff that I have to make it done also my father just passed away last few weeks so..It's a bit tough and difficult time for me and my family. By the way life must going on!
    I've been practicing with male portrait, face also human skin tone.I tried to focus on manual paint ;water color, poster ,ball pen or something like that.I've been drawing women for the whole time..for long so I just need some new skill.

  Some still act so girly haha but I hope it will improve and they will become a man soon LOL

 This is what I working on it will show you guys soon ;)