Day 11

Day 11 : See you later...Dad


Lamelo Thai Tea

Love this flavour of this ice cream brand, Lamelo homemade ice cream
The ice cream was so sticky smooth and milky. Other flavours are really interesting though. 
Having in an afternoon break can make the rest of your day. Especially Monday :D


Dragon Child

Character Design for my friend ; mom, for the Child who was born in the year of dragon community. Already screen on T-Shirt.

Credit image: RainBow Lullaby

- Shine bright like a diamond kids :) -


FioriValin Brand

I've got the contact from my friend that she needed a logo for her brand "FioriValin" , Handmade bags.

(watercolor and pencil color on paper)

( The chosen one ) 

Really neat for the details also the quality of the bags.I can say it because I've got one too :) She designed only for me such an honor and thank you so much.



We make a living by what we get, 
but we make a life by what we give.
Winston Churchill 


Trick or Treat?!

Happy Halloween Folks!