From now on I will . . .

The New Year will coming soon. So I just set some rules for me to achieve in 2012 to be a better person ,healthy and wealth and having more time for my family and friends. Hope it will be the best year for all of you too. Let's counting Down!!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Ugly Poppy

Ugly Poppy was inspired by one photographer on 500px. He took a really nice poppy flower and it was blow my mind at the moment (unfortunately I can't find his photo now TT) . The name was from a movie Ugly Betty because of the character hehe.

Technique : water color and pencil color( for details and texture)

500px was a great inspiration source for me. All the great shots around the world will create a million concepts in your mind and blow your imagination to a nice piece. You can learn the light, color, and concept from their works as well too.

And I've found another inspiration for drawing on viemo too named "Keep Drawing" and it made me realized that I must practise and sketch more and more ! So enjoy and have a nice day ciao~ :)


Welcome to Winter

It was so busy weekend for me with work and vacation with family. I went to another province and Wow it's Winter here now but Bangkok still hot and flood.Not too much cold but the weather getting colder a little bit. And there you go "Welcome winter"


Primary color

I've found an interesting website about photography ( A bit addict with new stuff haha) and it has many tutorials also some comments, tips and tricks from a professional photographer around the world, many sources about photography , assignment every weeks ...,etc
All I want to say is " This site is awesaamm !!!" XD

john cena
(click on the images to the website)

Just joined the challenge of the week and The topic is "Primary Colors" . If you guys want to join this please hurry up the topic create week by week and I think it will be close on this Sunday with primary colors.

here is "Suicide"

I made it for fun at the office and water colors always in my bag too so wola! it became this. I shot this by my favorite compact camera Canon S95. It kind of part of my life now I took it everywhere so light, easy to carry in a pocket and nice quality as well.

Have fun with challenge guys and I want to thank you for a model lego to Dragonboy ; my senior animator :) for burst this out !


Relaxing Saturday

Just got my new toy for the last few weeks Canon 60D I have to know about it better because I used Nikon for a long time (my sister's camera) Finally I've got my own camera and never regret to bought this tool.

Today after I do some chores I'm going out to take pictures around my place mostly are plants.It feels so good when I have more time escape from computer and stresses news on social network and having a good time , clear mind and get more inspirations. I always believe before I buy a new camera that "After I got it I will travel more, I will searching more things to look at and will see different side of things more than ever" I think I made the right decision and I feel so free and it makes me realize to Steve Jobs speech on 2005 Stanford Commencement it's so powerful inspiration with life to me and the others too.

"You got to find what you love if you haven't found it yet keep looking..don't settle" Steve Jobs

Lady Nella

There's Flood here in Thailand ahh so sad :( Didn't happen since 1995 and it seems this time is worse than 16 years ago! Yeah the world is getting worse more disasters everywhere hard and harder every year. But don't forget to keep our mind and soul clear and fresh don't panic too much with the natural because it's NATURAL! haha

This sketch was inspired by all natural disasters. It's reminding me about the goddess named "Mother Earth" and I named her "Lady Nella" Still didn't know why I named her this but it's the first name that appeared in my mind.


Sunday Teach!

On Sundays I've got an Art class for the kids at Chulalongkorn University they are getting improve every week so proud with them.
I still carried the sketchbook with me everywhere and try to captured things around me by pen this time wanted to tried other new pen ; Copic brush pen S size .This is my first time with kind of this pen and I think the line quite interesting.I have to practice with this tool more hopefully I can control it much better.

On the way for teach on the sky train and my students and sister

And before got back home just had a relax time at J-Avanue Thonglor and do some sketch this is my first time to do that sit and watched people...just told myself that "I'm just sketch I'm not a bizarre!" haha

For a perfect Sunday. So I end up the day with...



Start the a day with my the new flavor of Wall fruitare ; Passion fruit makes my day better especially working on Saturday! - -


Exercise time after few years nothing...

Badminton day yay! XD with my colleagues such been a long time didn't move myself at all hopefully no pain tomorrow :( before that have to hair cut first for the great look before exercise :D ... Nahhh just my hair getting longer that's it = =". I still carry my sketch book with me ,now it's kinda part of my body and life!

Still go along with my favorite pen ; school-G and portable watercolor

They said "Exercise is a magical medicine" I hope it won't make me pain tomorrow !

Rainy Day

6 O'Clock...Umbrella's up!


New Stuff!

Yeah! now gonna be seriously with improve my skill with sketching. So I bought all new stuff that I think it could help haha

I'm so exciting with them and can't wait to try! so let's sketch!!!
I used school-G pen and watercolor
The pen was so brilliant! nice fine line, smooth and sharp I really love this pen!

Still love to sneak sketching in Mark class. My hand draw but my ears are listening! :P
I'm still a good student!


Sketching around II

Still try to keep follow Walt Stanchfield's note about Animation and Sketching that I already put it on the blog before HERE

In an animation class by Mark Oftedal

This is his blog
(He taught Animation while I sketched. See?! Such a good student?!!!!)

As we know; I mean most of animators know about Mark; he worked in Pixar on Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Toy Story 2 , mentor on Animation Mentor and also interviewed on Splined Doctors too. I'm so lucky for this chance !:)

His interviewed on Splined Doctors


This art work was inspired by Thai series named "Roi mai" This is a Princess of Chiangtung named Maneerin. She is my favorite actress.In my opinion she's the most beautiful woman with Thai costume in Thailand! more about her >>>HERE<<<


16 months

"I don't know what will gonna happen in 16 months but it will perfect after it!I believe so!"



Such been a long time for update nothing at all here!
From now on I won't let it happen ...... AGAIN!!!
Last 12th August 2011 was The Mother's Day in Thailand so I just made an Art work for all the moms in this world.

So "Happy mom!!!"


Ducalia : combine to art work

It's raining here everyday ; wet but it's cool for relax and drawing :)
I've seen some fashion design and it makes me think about the combination about everything together and transfer them to an art work. Some designers got an idea or inspiration from something that we didn't really think that it can become a nice design ; but it is!

So then I try to make an art work by combine 2 things together ;this time I choose my yellow tiny cute rubber duck and some flower pictures from my inspiration book

time for sketch ; this time I've got a process of my work a little :P

after sketch and put a little shade on it as I want then time for painting ...There you go!

more details
so hope you guys like it any comment are welcome :)


Sketch ch ch!

After I read some article of Walt Stanchfield ; Notes from Walt Stanchfield’s Disney Drawing Classes. It helps me a lot with drawing also inspiring me more than ever

Animation and Sketching
Animation! This is your main concern - this is the vehicle you have chosen to express yourself in. A whole list of "tools" are required: drawing, timing, phasing, action, acting, pantomime, staging imagination, observation, interpretation, logics, caricature, creativity, clarity, empathy. etc., a mind boggling array of prerequisites. Rest at ease. You were born with all of them. Some of them may need a little

sharpening, others may need to be awakened as from a deep sleep, but they are

as much a part of you as arms, legs, eyes, kidneys, hemoglobin, speech,
etc. Reading and observing are two emancipators of the dormant areas of the mind. Read the
classics, biographies, humor, mysteries and comic books. Observe, observe, observe. Be like
a sponge
- suck up everything you can lay your eyes on. Look for the unusual, the common,
characters, situations, compositions, attitudes study shapes, features, perso

nalities, activities,
details, etc.

Carry a sketch book - a cheap one so you won't worry about wasting a page. Sketch in the
underground, while watching television, in pubs, at horse shows. Draw constantly. Interest in
life will grow. Ability to solve drawing problems will be sharpened. Creative juices will surge.
just for example if you need full of this article and others click this out >>> PIP <<< hope these inspired you guys like me :) enjoy it !

For last few days before I started sketch some clips from youtube . I've got this clip via my friend from facebook. I think it's a great one to study some poses , curve and line of the body. Let start with it :)

Left :was from my favorite dance cover called "Black Queen" with
really nice situate , clear curve and line. It was so amazing!

Right : I've got this via my friend from facebook great one as well check this out

another one from while I watched Narnia on my Ipod touch and one of my favorite music video "Parachute"

hope this article works for you guys ;)
and don't forget Walt Stanchfield's word...


Ah Vacation

A bit busy life for me right now ,lot of works and less rest :( All I need right now is charging my life energy. Next vacation will come next month I can't wait XD!
So have a nice vacation for all who have it right now :)



Don't ask me about her name.It's my first thought even me I didn't know what's it mean? hahaha
Bust your window inspired ;)


Born This Way

"I'm Beautiful in my way
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way"

Born this way really inspire me for this art work ; no matter who you are or what talent you have got. Go for it and do it best :)

Welcome to Summer!





I spent such a long time with this art work.First I try to learn about shade and shadow by random some of Model picture on the internet ( Yeah there's many blogs and website that u can find a great photographer play with light : You will learn a lot with shade and shadow!) You can check this Blog out! I have to get more practice drawing with male by the way let's move on together


See you later

For now I will get into a monkhood in few days and spending for a week. So I will cut of this world for a while ,go to the peace land and will be back with full happiness and pure soul. Hope you guys celebrate this moment with me :) ...and I should say..."See you later"



"Nevermind, I'll find someone like you.I wish nothing but the best, for you too."
It's a lyrics from Some one like you I listened when I did this art work kinda hundred time lol
So the feeling of the song get into this art work a bit sad but still strong.



The inspiration of this art work was from a beautiful melody of "Love Love Love" by Hope ft. Jason Mraz. And I named her "Elizabeth".



The Gardian of the wood



Work flow with the line of my old work on paper colored with meji and black ink . Freedom happiness and Joy <<<>




Sketch Around

anytime anyplace just pick up you sketch book and burst out your imagination :)



Technique :
Quick Sketch with Pigma and then speed painted with Meji

Process :- Find some Model post from the magazine and start quick sketch it try t o remember all details as much as you can
- Set the time like 30 seconds maybe less or more it's your option
- Feel free with the line and color- Enjoy ! & Have fun :)