Messy mess mess

Nowaday I'm so busy and don't have time to clean up my room at all ( It's an excuse!! : some one in my deeply soul shout out loud)
This is my desk that I always do my art works and as u can see on the left
it's my computer that when I finish drawing I'll put in it and upload here hehe

close up to see how really mess is!!?


Acila Gang

Today I figure out about her color now and I choose the yellow one
the reason is... It's my favourite color lol

and her friends ; Nvy & Khany

I'm just try with illustratorCS2. I'm not good at it much I'll find time to learn more ^ ^
This gang have 5 members . . . 2 left I didn't finish it . I'll update here later


Single Lady : NINA

About few days ago while I was rendered my thesis
My itune kept played "Single Lady" by Beyonce over and over . That was inspired me to made this art work. I took their movement in MV to created a pose of a character but the problem was I couldn't choose color for it

I call her "Nina" :) ...oh oh oh