Primary color

I've found an interesting website about photography ( A bit addict with new stuff haha) and it has many tutorials also some comments, tips and tricks from a professional photographer around the world, many sources about photography , assignment every weeks ...,etc
All I want to say is " This site is awesaamm !!!" XD

john cena
(click on the images to the website)

Just joined the challenge of the week and The topic is "Primary Colors" . If you guys want to join this please hurry up the topic create week by week and I think it will be close on this Sunday with primary colors.

here is "Suicide"

I made it for fun at the office and water colors always in my bag too so wola! it became this. I shot this by my favorite compact camera Canon S95. It kind of part of my life now I took it everywhere so light, easy to carry in a pocket and nice quality as well.

Have fun with challenge guys and I want to thank you for a model lego to Dragonboy ; my senior animator :) for burst this out !


Relaxing Saturday

Just got my new toy for the last few weeks Canon 60D I have to know about it better because I used Nikon for a long time (my sister's camera) Finally I've got my own camera and never regret to bought this tool.

Today after I do some chores I'm going out to take pictures around my place mostly are plants.It feels so good when I have more time escape from computer and stresses news on social network and having a good time , clear mind and get more inspirations. I always believe before I buy a new camera that "After I got it I will travel more, I will searching more things to look at and will see different side of things more than ever" I think I made the right decision and I feel so free and it makes me realize to Steve Jobs speech on 2005 Stanford Commencement it's so powerful inspiration with life to me and the others too.

"You got to find what you love if you haven't found it yet keep looking..don't settle" Steve Jobs

Lady Nella

There's Flood here in Thailand ahh so sad :( Didn't happen since 1995 and it seems this time is worse than 16 years ago! Yeah the world is getting worse more disasters everywhere hard and harder every year. But don't forget to keep our mind and soul clear and fresh don't panic too much with the natural because it's NATURAL! haha

This sketch was inspired by all natural disasters. It's reminding me about the goddess named "Mother Earth" and I named her "Lady Nella" Still didn't know why I named her this but it's the first name that appeared in my mind.