Utsukushii shōjo

My old work since 2008 with Water color on canvas paper polish with pencil color a little :P


Quick Sketch

These r my quick sketch of men portrait :) so boring with girls now umm I mean drawing actualy lol so hope u like it ~ ;)

I think you know what this art work mean....it means one girl walked on a street and the weather was really hot then she's got nosebleed. . .is it make sense? lol so it's up to u what do you think? enjoy~ :-)


Snow Queen

This art work I spent time for 4 hours!! ahhh I could blind now. Actualy I just wanna practise about painted shade of human cuz I'm not good with it much and tried to drew and painted in one layer so this is it.I called this art work "Snow Queen" and her name's Maria :)


Halloween Mask contest

This is kinda my old work for Halloween Mask contest No.5 and passed to the top 10 final round but unfortunately I didn't get top 3 but it's ok :) I'm glad for passed to the final round btw... so this is my Mask.

The winner was on the left one above very good work ;)


practise painting

Hi this is my practise painting portrait of one guy. I didn't know him but just surfed on the internet and I saw his shade of shadow was great so I saved his pic and tried to painted. I'm not good much cuz this is kinda my first time to did this but I will keep try more so ..this is it ;)

I spent time about this art work for ummmm 3 days I guess but kinda 2-3 hours/day. I tried to painted without created layer just drew and painted in one step. The hardest thing was how to blent color to made it smooth and looked realistic so I think I have to learn more about this. Ok now this is my art work I called him "Luke" ( I just felt he deserved of this name XD)