I spent such a long time with this art work.First I try to learn about shade and shadow by random some of Model picture on the internet ( Yeah there's many blogs and website that u can find a great photographer play with light : You will learn a lot with shade and shadow!) You can check this Blog out! I have to get more practice drawing with male by the way let's move on together


See you later

For now I will get into a monkhood in few days and spending for a week. So I will cut of this world for a while ,go to the peace land and will be back with full happiness and pure soul. Hope you guys celebrate this moment with me :) ...and I should say..."See you later"



"Nevermind, I'll find someone like you.I wish nothing but the best, for you too."
It's a lyrics from Some one like you I listened when I did this art work kinda hundred time lol
So the feeling of the song get into this art work a bit sad but still strong.



The inspiration of this art work was from a beautiful melody of "Love Love Love" by Hope ft. Jason Mraz. And I named her "Elizabeth".