Chill Out

Last few months I had a chanced to chilled out with friends almost once/week (pretty much for me mostly just once/month!) And I always carried my sketch book and portable water color with me everywhere. So I tried to practiced manual art as I promised with myself. Sketch everything that I feeling with.If my mind said ok then my hand will go so flow ;following with emotional and inspiration and I can't stop moving my hand until the art work is complete. Let's check them out :)

This is a flower shop at Paragon. There's a sign banning photography but sketching are ok right? hehe. Sketch while waiting my friends.

One bar and restaurant at Khao Saan Road ; one of the most famous place in Bangkok,Thailand. Mostly tourist ; especially backpackers are come here. It offers cheap accommodation It's one of a great place in Bangkok for chilling out and make a new friend.

Hope to shetching more often in everywhere I go ,sometimes it feels better than just a photograph.


Pencil color test

Just got a present from my friend last few weeks. It's a box of pencil colors! What a surprise! I'm just interesting about it then got :) so lucky me :P .I can't wait to try it !here you are!

While I made this art work I watched this video over and over again. They are so amazing great technique also the melody.Two of the character were inspired by this video. Guess who they are? hehe



I'm just trying to sketch myself with pencil colors technique that was inspired by Rose-a-Petits-Pois. Her art works are so unique and so attractive and I just realized that Wow! manual art with pencil colors was so charmed! This year I set myself to practice more about manual art technique ; watercolor, pencil color, poster color..,etc. Ctrl+Z may reduce your art ability! it's time to back to basic ;)


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