Sunday Teach!

On Sundays I've got an Art class for the kids at Chulalongkorn University they are getting improve every week so proud with them.
I still carried the sketchbook with me everywhere and try to captured things around me by pen this time wanted to tried other new pen ; Copic brush pen S size .This is my first time with kind of this pen and I think the line quite interesting.I have to practice with this tool more hopefully I can control it much better.

On the way for teach on the sky train and my students and sister

And before got back home just had a relax time at J-Avanue Thonglor and do some sketch this is my first time to do that sit and watched people...just told myself that "I'm just sketch I'm not a bizarre!" haha

For a perfect Sunday. So I end up the day with...



Start the a day with my the new flavor of Wall fruitare ; Passion fruit makes my day better especially working on Saturday! - -


Exercise time after few years nothing...

Badminton day yay! XD with my colleagues such been a long time didn't move myself at all hopefully no pain tomorrow :( before that have to hair cut first for the great look before exercise :D ... Nahhh just my hair getting longer that's it = =". I still carry my sketch book with me ,now it's kinda part of my body and life!

Still go along with my favorite pen ; school-G and portable watercolor

They said "Exercise is a magical medicine" I hope it won't make me pain tomorrow !

Rainy Day

6 O'Clock...Umbrella's up!


New Stuff!

Yeah! now gonna be seriously with improve my skill with sketching. So I bought all new stuff that I think it could help haha

I'm so exciting with them and can't wait to try! so let's sketch!!!
I used school-G pen and watercolor
The pen was so brilliant! nice fine line, smooth and sharp I really love this pen!

Still love to sneak sketching in Mark class. My hand draw but my ears are listening! :P
I'm still a good student!


Sketching around II

Still try to keep follow Walt Stanchfield's note about Animation and Sketching that I already put it on the blog before HERE

In an animation class by Mark Oftedal

This is his blog
(He taught Animation while I sketched. See?! Such a good student?!!!!)

As we know; I mean most of animators know about Mark; he worked in Pixar on Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Toy Story 2 , mentor on Animation Mentor and also interviewed on Splined Doctors too. I'm so lucky for this chance !:)

His interviewed on Splined Doctors


This art work was inspired by Thai series named "Roi mai" This is a Princess of Chiangtung named Maneerin. She is my favorite actress.In my opinion she's the most beautiful woman with Thai costume in Thailand! more about her >>>HERE<<<


16 months

"I don't know what will gonna happen in 16 months but it will perfect after it!I believe so!"



Such been a long time for update nothing at all here!
From now on I won't let it happen ...... AGAIN!!!
Last 12th August 2011 was The Mother's Day in Thailand so I just made an Art work for all the moms in this world.

So "Happy mom!!!"