Merry X'Mas!

Nothing much to say only just

"Merry Christmas and enjoy your holiday!


Back on time

Great weather today ; blue clear sky and sunny this made my day. I went to the library for update some trend and fine the quiet place to clear my job. I took water color kit with me today after a break I decided to chilled a bit with the color and when I did , it makes me realised that's not easy at all to control the water. Maybe I picked the wrong brush and the paper too. Not flow at all today but yeah I did it all my best. Hope you like it.

I'm a fan!!

Rise of the Guardians was the best film of mine this year. It was so inspired and I felt like the inner child have been awakened! That's rad !! So here I'm kind of a fan of Jack Frost my quick sketch of him.


Yay!!! It's Monday.

Really love this day, the beginning day of the week. Have a great day pals (:


Brush test doodle

Just trying some new brushes that I just made.