Sunday Sketch practice

Practice sketch randomly through Google .


Happy Father's Day

   Long Live The King   
พระบาทสมเด็จพระปรมินทรมหาภูมิพลอดุลยเดช มหิตลาธิเบศรรามาธิบดี
จักรีนฤบดินทร สยามินทราธิรา บรมนาถบพิตร 


My king, My dad's hero
My Hero.

My dad always said to me that 
" You have to believe in yourself that you can do everything. Just go for it  don't be afraid." 
- Thank you for everything Dad -

"Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place.
 Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, 
and there is nothing you cannot accomplish."
Brad Henry 


Day 11

Day 11 : See you later...Dad


Lamelo Thai Tea

Love this flavour of this ice cream brand, Lamelo homemade ice cream
The ice cream was so sticky smooth and milky. Other flavours are really interesting though. 
Having in an afternoon break can make the rest of your day. Especially Monday :D


Dragon Child

Character Design for my friend ; mom, for the Child who was born in the year of dragon community. Already screen on T-Shirt.

Credit image: RainBow Lullaby

- Shine bright like a diamond kids :) -


FioriValin Brand

I've got the contact from my friend that she needed a logo for her brand "FioriValin" , Handmade bags.

(watercolor and pencil color on paper)

( The chosen one ) 

Really neat for the details also the quality of the bags.I can say it because I've got one too :) She designed only for me such an honor and thank you so much.



We make a living by what we get, 
but we make a life by what we give.
Winston Churchill 


Trick or Treat?!

Happy Halloween Folks! 


Finally! I'm So Proud To Present

      Here are books for children that I proud to present to you guys. I have worked with Miss Kuerkamol Niyom ; Editor of Saanaksorn Publishing as an Illustrator for these books. She's a talented young woman, kind and resourceful person. She knows What kids want!. All I want to say is Thank you for everything for the support , educate and encourage me...Thank you. By this editor we have no doubt about the quality of the story in the books. They're really helpful for the children to learn all things around them though the natures and environment.
      In these series were about "Season" ; Rainy, Summer and Winter. Summer and Winter are my responsibilities.I will start with the Summer.
{Characters style and color.}
{Sketch Ideas for the scenes.}
For me I think references are the key. I find lot of locations, animals behavior, fruits, colors..,etc everything that will help me with the workflow and keep them by categories, it helps me a lot.
Ps. My reference about the color check this site out >> Design seed

{Here're some part of my work.}

And for the Winter ; different style from Summer. The main character is cat and the editor suggested me to used more pencil skill for this book.
{Character design & color style.}
{Draft sketch for the scenes and position.}

We have worked so hard to find the right style for this book and finally...

{some parts from the book.}

   I hope you guys like it and now they are already published so you can find them at the book store near by. Thank you again for Saanaksorn Publishing, Miss Kuerkamol Niyom ; my lovely editor , My Mom, Dad ,Aunt and sisters; P'Pum, P'Fon for the support. 
    Also my lovely friends especially;  Ian, Pi, Mew,Kwan ,P'Brown, X, B, Champ without you guys it won't be done! THANK YOU 

On this Wednesday, October16, 2013 There's an International book fair 18th,
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
At booth R04 zoneC 2rd floor



Flying eagle point of view


Sunday drawing

It's raining today but the weather was so perfect for drawing sit in a fav place and tune the fav songs~weekend


A Child And A Dog Work Flow

Hi again! I've just got my time back  so this entry I will talk about my work process of A Child And A Dog
I started with the relationship between dog and human first then I focus on the nature of children. Here's my first 3 ideas that pop up in my head I drafted them down as soon as I can.

I read them again and again to get a picture in my head which one is the strongest ; win lol  It was "Adventure"

I sketched it down on A3 paper.

I Added the colors base and the background first  

Now added another layer with darker colors on the skin, log and a dog as you can see. I also used liquid masking film < check for the link how it works
A little bit tips for using liquid masking film to protect your brush before use it ,dip it in a small bar of soap. If not it could be like this...

Or you can find more tips here

 Added another colors layer and this time I was focus on the direction of light and shadow.

After wait the colors a bit dry I took the liquid film off and added some colors on it also some details on the boy and a dog with pencil color.

I pushed more details about "Adventure" concept to the characters with pencil colors.

 And Wola ! 
Hope you guys like it and enjoy - See you around 



   It's been awhile didn't update on here (awhile?!) but yeah many things happen lately...blah blah. Okay for a couple days ago it was so surprise that I was home! so I had more time to clear some stuffs and also drawing and sketch scratch ..things..whatever. Here's from part of my time at home her name is "Jina" I can't tell you more about her but later will be ;) - Hope you like it and see you around -


Day 10

Day 10 : Jolly Bear
(Maybe it's not a candy ...freeze them then LOL) 


Day 9

Day 9 : Animal Planet


Day 8

Day 8 : Tangled


Day 7

Day 7 : Independence

"If we are free from attachment, we can easily recognize ourselves in other people, in different forms of manifestation, and then we don't have to suffer."


Day 6

Her name's Marry from Witch child by Celia Rees

Day 5

Spocky My lovely Doll.