A Child And A Dog Work Flow

Hi again! I've just got my time back  so this entry I will talk about my work process of A Child And A Dog
I started with the relationship between dog and human first then I focus on the nature of children. Here's my first 3 ideas that pop up in my head I drafted them down as soon as I can.

I read them again and again to get a picture in my head which one is the strongest ; win lol  It was "Adventure"

I sketched it down on A3 paper.

I Added the colors base and the background first  

Now added another layer with darker colors on the skin, log and a dog as you can see. I also used liquid masking film < check for the link how it works
A little bit tips for using liquid masking film to protect your brush before use it ,dip it in a small bar of soap. If not it could be like this...

Or you can find more tips here

 Added another colors layer and this time I was focus on the direction of light and shadow.

After wait the colors a bit dry I took the liquid film off and added some colors on it also some details on the boy and a dog with pencil color.

I pushed more details about "Adventure" concept to the characters with pencil colors.

 And Wola ! 
Hope you guys like it and enjoy - See you around 

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